JAC Digital

As today's society continues to advance, a key component in many businesses is the incorporation of technology, which further increases the importance of being data-driven. As a result, demand for digital talents across a wide range of roles in various sectors has surged, with firms ranging from multi-national corporations to startups vying for the best tech talent.

Moreover, with the increased focus with digital transformation, a desire for relocation or remote work to allow the facilitation of such roles have also seen a corresponding surge. As reported by BCG, out of over 28,000 professionals over 180 countries that they have interviewed, more than two-thirds of that sum are willing to relocate for such positions as they understand the future building blocks of businesses lie in this digital change. (source: Decoding Digital Talent

As one of the leaders in recruitment, JAC Recruitment Hong Kong understands the needs of both our clients and candidates who are becoming increasingly tech savy. To cater to such needs, we have a dedicated digital team that specialises in the hiring needs for this area of growth, while still sticking to our core principles of acting as a link between the two. Moreover, with Hong Kong being a commerce hub capitalising on the trends of a growing e-commerce landscape, there are a phletora of opportunities for both firms and potential candidates to capitalise on. 

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you reckon that you are keen in exploring further.  Moreover, we also have plenty of roles that you are able to look through to determine if any are suitable for you. In the event you are unable to find a suitable role during your job search today, please still reach out to us as our consultants will always be delighted to have a discussion with you.