About Us

We are an international recruitment consultancy dedicated to connecting companies with high-level talent across Asia and Europe. Our approach to business is firmly underpinned by our core values, championing freedom, discipline and fairness in delivering exceptional standards of service to our clients with speed and sincerity. 

With a corporate culture rooted in the concept of ‘Tsunagu’, a Japanese term meaning to pass, to link or to continue, we aspire to build meaningful professional connections in support of individual, societal and economic growth on an international scale. 


"Founded in the UK in 1975, JAC Recruitment now serves 11 countries throughout Europe and Asia."


"Our expert consultants specialise in connecting highly skilled talent with the best companies worldwide."


"We understand that companies are driven by highly engaged and dedicated staff. Professionalism and sincerity in making the right connections is paramount in our values." 

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Our Network

With offices across Europe and Asia, we are well connected and well-positioned to meet the hiring needs of MNC's.

JAC Recruitment Hong Kong


Established in 2011 and with more than 25 years of experience and achievements in Asia, we are introducing human resources to all companies in the Hong Kong region. In close cooperation with JAC Recruitment's Shanghai base, we will provide excellent human resources to companies and provide new steps for registrants. 

"Supporting the growth of our client's business with speed and sincerity and the highest quality of service."

JAC Recruitment Hong Kong
Managing Director
Kengo Atsumi